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Cloud infrastructure for system administrator

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5 days

Training description

This course is designed for system administrators who want to acquire or systematize their knowledge in the use of cloud solutions. The course covers various aspects of cloud applications for business, security, and increased productivity while reducing costs.

Course syllabus

Module 1: Cloud computing

1) Cloud computing overview.

2) Interactions with the cloud.

3) Types of cloud services.

4) Managing resources and projects.

5) Payment models.

Module 2: Virtual machines

1) Virtual machines specializations.

2) Virtual machines in the cloud.

3) Managing virtual machines groups.

Module 3: Data storage

1) Individual storage of virtual machines.

2) Shared file access.

3) Storage systems.

4) Long-term data storage.

Module 4: Network services

1) Cloud networks basics.

2) Public and private networks.

3) Address translation.

4) VPN in cloud infrastructures.

Module 5: Databases

1) SQL databases.

2) NoSQL databases.

3) Special databases.

Module 6: Access control

1) Role-based resource access.

2) Access control policies.

3) Additional security services.

Module 7: Building hybrid infrastructures

1) Hybrid infrastructures overview.

2) Merging clouds using VPN.

3) Merging clouds using private networks.

Module 8: Service provider-managed services

1) Types of services, demarcation points.

2) Partially SP-managed services.

3) Fully SP-managed services.

4) Serverless computing.

5) Building complex data processing systems.

6) Managing serverless computing.

Module 9: Automation tools

1) Cloud automation tools.

2) User automation tools.

Module 10: Data backup.

1) Data backup models.

2) Backup services.

Module 11: Cloud infrastructure optimization

1) Minimization of transaction costs.

2) Security.

3) Redundancy.

4) Resource efficiency.

5) Optimizing costs.