We have developed a system to provide distance learning using convenient teleconferencing facilities. Distance learning services have been provided since 2015, and during the pandemic, their share in our schedule reached 90%.

Thanks to many years of experience in conducting seminars and trainings in a remote format, we have developed a complete set of software tools that allow remote participants to fully participate in the process, communicate with the instructor and trainees, perform all practical exercises and receive exactly the same amount of services as if they were in a classroom.

The composition of technical solutions for distance learning is constantly being updated. On the part of the participant typical devices are enough - a computer, laptop or even a cell phone for some types of programs.

In addition, a number of activities we conduct in a hybrid format. This means that the course is face-to-face, but those who wish can connect to it remotely, either once or during the class period.

All of our classrooms are equipped with the necessary sound, video, and whiteboard quality devices.

We can unambiguously recommend distance courses without loss of quality. Especially since distance learning is available for almost all programs.