Course development

In some cases, corporate customers need to get training for their staff in special programs that are not available on the market.

In this case, we develop customized training programs. As part of this development, unique training material is created that is optimized for a particular customer and allows for the shortest possible time to obtain only the knowledge and skills that are required.

Development cycle of training courses takes from 1 to 4 months. Depending on the terms of the specific contract, the rights to the intellectual activity product can be transferred to the customer with all the exclusive rights.

For vendors (equipment manufacturers and solution providers) we provide course development services for products with transfer of full rights.  

The set of developed training material includes:

  • Complete set of slides presentation with explanations and comments.
  • Instructor's guide to reading and presentation methodology.
  • A guide to doing lab work with assignments.
  • Instructor documentation for deployment of lab work and correct solutions options for lab work with comments.
  • Required information resources for deploying lab work.
  • Questions of entrance, intermediate and final testing of students with answers (including - in the form of a ready-made information testing system).