Trainings and seminars

Our team has been creating and conducting high-tech trainings and seminars since 1997.

Over the years we have accumulated enormous experience, both technologically and methodologically. Cooperation with leading vendors, focus on the most complex technologies, adaptation of materials to customer needs - all this gives us the ability to fulfill any requests of our clients.

We mainly work in the corporate market, providing services to organizations that need to ensure the continuity of knowledge transfer, adaptability to digital transformation and ensure sustainable development through the competencies of IT staff.


The vast majority of our trainings have a format of 8 hours a day for 5 working days. It is the full immersion in the learning process that gives the most effective result of the lessons. 

It is this format, unlike any evening or weekend courses, allows for a short period of time to dramatically change the level of staff training and ensure the reliable operation of equipment and software under the control of competent certified specialists.