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Virtualization for system administrator

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5 days

Training description

This course is designed for system administrators who want to acquire or systematize their knowledge necessary to work with modern virtualization systems. The training provides an in-depth understanding of the various technologies and practices for a wide range of modern virtualization products. This knowledge is necessary for most system administrators to perform their work tasks.

Course syllabus

Module 1: Virtualization basics

1) Terms of virtualization.

2) Types of virtualization.

3) CPU virtualization.

4) RAM virtualization.

5) Network connections virtualization.

6) Disk space virtualization.

Module2: Virtual Machines

1) Virtual machines overview.

2) Virtual machines components.

3) Virtual machines drivers.

Module 3: Virtual Machines Managers (VMM)

1) VMM overview.

2) VMM redundancy.

Module 4: Network virtualization

1) Virtual network stack.

3) Virtualization of network adapters.

4) Virtual switches.

Module 5: Storing virtual machines data

1) Virtual machines storage stack.

5) Storage systems access protocols.

6) Datastores properties.

7) Optimizing virtual machines file storage.

8) Managing virtual machines properties.

9) Managing additional components of virtual machines.

10) Virtual machines limitations.

Module6: Resource management

1) Virtual machines resource configuration.

2) Resource pools.

3) Distribution of resources between pools.

4) Resource redundancy.

Module7: VMM redundancy

1) Servers cluster.

2) Emergency restart of virtual machines.

3) Automatic distribution of virtual machines in cluster.

Module8: Container virtualization

1) Container virtualization overview.

2) Container virtualization platforms.

3) Kubernetes orchestrator.

4) Hybrid virtualization.

5) Hybrid virtualization platforms.

Module 9: Virtualization troubleshooting

1) Monitoring tools and utilities.

2) Troubleshooting procedures.