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Wireless networks for network engineers

Course start date:
On customer request
€ 850

3 days

Training description

The course is designed for engineers who want to get a broad knowledge of how wireless networks work, modern wireless network architectures and principles of Wi-Fi equipment configuration.

The course is built without reference to any particular vendor, which allows participants to use their knowledge in any network.

For whom

This course is appropriate for people who have a basic knowledge of networks but want to learn more about modern Wi-Fi networks and equipment.

Course syllabus


1) Intro.

2) Description of the WLAN life cycle. Design flow.

3) Customer demands. Requirement clarification.

4) Tx Power calculation, data rate dependencies.

5) Channel planning.

6) WLAN network types.

7) Capacity design.

Module 2:

1) Coverage design.

2) AP placement guidelines.

3) High density network planning.

4) QoS mechanisms influence on WLAN.

5) WLAN Security design.

Module 3:

1) Site survey process overview.

2) WLAN design and site survey tools.

3) Post-Deployment acceptance.

4) Wi-Fi 6 and design dependencies.

5) Architecture and vendor selection.

6) Wi-Fi 7. What are we waiting for?