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Security for system administrator

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Training description

Network security issues are key in the work of the system administrator. The course reveals technologies for protecting the infrastructure and ensuring the secure operation of the organization.

For whom

The course is intended for professionals with experience in administering computer systems and with knowledge in software development.


This course requires knowledge of networking hardware and operating systems.

Course syllabus

Module 1: Security

1) Concepts of information security.

2) Securing the network perimeter.

3) New generation firewalls (NGFW).

4) Intrusion prevention systems (NGIPS).

5) Securing the network.

6) Network device planes.

7) Securing control plane.

8) Securing data plane.

Module2: Network access control

1) 802.1X overview.

2) EAP methods.

3) RADIUS protocol in 802.1X.

4) WEB authentication, guest users and devices.

Module3: VPN and crypto algorithms

1) Introduction to VPN.

2) VPN types.

3) Site-to-Site VPN.

4) Remote Access VPN.

5) Means of cryptographic information protection.

Module4: Ethical hacking, penetration tests

1) Ethical hacking overview.

2) Data collection.

3) Scanning.

4) Resource inventory.

5) Hacking systems.

6) DoS.

7) Firewall bypass.

8) WLAN hacking.