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Python for Network Engineers

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5 days

Training description

This course covers aspects of using the high-level Python programming language in solving networking problems. The course covers data types, methods of working with them, language functions and basics of OOP. Based on this information, scenarios for using Python tools in network infrastructures are discussed.

For whom

The course is intended for network engineers and network administrators.


Prerequisite: CCNA (or equivalent) or better knowledge of packet data networking.

Course syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

1) Introduction to Python.

2) PEP documentation.

3) Program code environments.

4) Data Types.

5) Variables.

6) Strings, Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries.

7) Embedded type methods.

8) Lab 1. Working with Data Types in Python.

Module 2: Operators and functions

1) Operators.

2) Functions.

3) Syntax.

4) Types of variables by nesting.

5) Arguments and their types.

6) Lambda-functions.

7) Generators.

8) Modules.

9) Standard and user modules.

10) PyPI.

11) Lab work 2. Functions and modules.

Module 3. Object-oriented programming

1) Basics of OOP.

2) Elements of OOP.

3) Classes and methods in Python.

4) Lab 3. Using OOP.

Module 4. Exception handling

1) The concept of exceptions in Python.

2) Try, else, except and finally instructions.

3) Creating custom exceptions.

4) Handling network devices.

5) JSON and XML formats.


7) Libraries for working with network devices.

8) Lab 4. Exceptions.

9) Lab work 5. Working with network devices.

Module 5. Automation

1) Scenarios for using Python in data networks.

2) Parallel task execution modules and tools.

3) Automation of common tasks in networks.

4) Lab work 6. Controlling network segments with scripts.