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VMware vSphere for NetApp

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Training description

The course covers various methods of implementing VMware vSphere on NetApp ONTAP. The course covers modern tools for virtual infrastructure management, provisioning of data storage and storage for guest virtual machines.

Students will also get hands-on training on how to back up the virtual infrastructure with best practices and will use methods and tools to manage and monitor system health and performance.

Course syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to NetApp

1) Network Attached Storage.

2) Unified storage and NetApp Cloud ONTAP.

3) ONTAP cluster.

4) Case Study: Checking and Configuring cDOT.

5) VMware overview.

6) ESXi 6.x.

7) vCenter 6.x.

8) New features of the vSphere 6.x platform.

9) Case Study: Networking vCenter Settings.

10) Integrating NetApp into VMware.

11) A software-defined data center.

12) Virtual Storage Console (VSC).

13) VAAI.

14) VASA.

Module 2: NetApp transfer protocols

1) Choice of transfer protocol.

2) IP SAN Architecture.

3) VMFS storage.

4) iSCSI.

5) FC/FCoE.

Module 3: iSCSI and NFS network storage

1) Ethernet Best Practices.

2) Most common configurations.

3) iSCSI Best Practices.

4) NFS4.1 Stores.

5) Case Study: Configuring iSCSI.

6) Case Study: NFS Stores and the NFS VAAI Plugin.

7) Case Study: Configuring NFSv4.1 Storage.

Module 4: Virtual machine data

1) VMFS alignment.

2) Continuous VM alignment in the VSC console.

3) User, application data.

4) RDM and VMFS disks.

5) Storage efficiency in deduplication and cloning.

Module 5: Multitenancy

1) Principles of Multitenancy and Cloud Computing.

2) Availability.

3) Safety.

4) Performance.

5) Management Isolation.

6) Case Study: Snapshots. vSphere, VSC and ONTAP.

Module 6: High Availability

1) Scheduled events.

2) vMotion migration.

3) Migration of vMotion between stores.

4) Continuous migration of Volumes and Logical Interfaces (LIFs).

5) Unscheduled events.

6) VMware HA.

7) VMware FT.

8) NetApp HA.

9) MetroCluster.

10) Case Study: SnapMirror.

11) Case Study: VMware HA.

Module 7: Resiliency and backups

1) Service Level Planning.

2) VMware Snapshots.

3) NetApp snapshots.

4) Site Recovery Manager (SRM).

5) Case Study: Backup with the VSC Console.

Module 8: Performance and Troubleshooting

1) Performance Factors.

2) Network performance.

3) ESXi host performance.

4) Discuss virtual machine and guest OS settings.

5) Performance between virtual machine and virtual storage.

6) Case Study: Exploring and Managing Alerts.